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Welcome to Eastern Beauty Shop "Dun Fan"
Welcome to Eastern
Beauty Shop "Dun Fan"

Natalia Borisovna - director of Eastern Beauty Shop "Dun Fan"
Natalia Borisovna - director of Eastern Beauty Shop "Dun Fan"

Eastern Beauty Shop "Dun Fan" offers a complex of services
Eastern Beauty Shop "Dun Fan"
offers a complex of services

Eastern Beauty Shop "Dun Fan"

The design of beauty shop is performed in traditions of the East. In an beauty shop red and yellow colors prevail.

Red color symbolizes the big success, it is very strong energetically and is compared to color of a flame, simultaneously red color neutralizes all negative energy and draws positive. Red color in itself develops very strong power as well as fire.

Yellow color symbolizes prosperity. In ancient China emperors covered a roof of a house only in yellow color.

Unique sanitary rehabilitated SPA-capsule

SPA capsule represents complex system of restoration of balance, opens qualitatively new opportunities on care of a skin and to influence of water procedures. Centuries aphorism of the well-known Roman emperor Neron Sanitas Per Aqua ( SPA ), meaning Health Through Water , symbolized instinctive belief of people in medical force of water.

Philosophy the Fan - Shuy (that the Wind and Water means) is a science and art to live in harmony and balance with an environment and forces of the nature. The Fan - Shuy influences our vital force "ci" and the power centers both in metaphysical, and in spiritual sense. The new multitouch capsule Dermalife Spa - Fan - Shuy is developed so, that allows to operate elements of the nature such as air streams, therapy by color, vapour, infra-red radiation and vibration to influence on health, to level it, to counterbalance harmful influences of an environment.

Therapeutic effects of influence of a capsule:

  • provides deintoxication of organism;
  • warm up of soft tissues for carrying out of massage;
  • provides removing products of a metabolism from soft tissues after physical loadings;
  • remove muscular spasms and pains;
  • stimulates exchange processes, providing weight reduction;
  • promotes making ofendorphines and enkephalines, reducing displays of depression;
  • raises immunity;
  • raises resistibility of an organism to infectious respiratory diseases;
  • prevents an aggravation of chronic diseases of a skin;
  • a relaxation, normalization of dream.

Eastern Beauty Shop " Dun Fan " offers:

  • SPA capsule;
  • Making longer of womens hair;
  • Hairdresser's services;
  • Visage;
  • All kinds of cosmetology;
  • Massage: classical, east, honey, anti-cellulites;
  • Hardware manicure: man's and female;
  • Gel lengthening of nails;
  • SPA-pedicure;
  • Making longer of eyelashes;
  • Piercing;
  • Wax depilation: full and partial;
  • Paraffin therapy of hands and legs.

P.S. In a daily mode we work from 8 o'clock in the morning up to 18 o'clock in the evening. However under condition of the preliminary coordination with administration we are ready to serve group of tourists or businessmen at any time convenient for you within day.


SPA-CAPSULES are manufactured by Sybaritic Ink. are technologically perfect equipment, specially designed for carrying out of SPA-PROCEDURES on a body. Capsules are the most claimed equipment of any center that offers improving or health. The mechanism of multitouch influence on an organism essentially raises effectiveness of SPA-PROCEDURES. It allows guaranteeing to the client high results from procedures.

Therapeutic effects of complex influence:

  • Reduction or full elimination of depression (including seasonal);
  • Relaxation, removal of stress and normalization of dream;
  • Reduction of symptoms of a vegetovascular dystonia;
  • Removing of toxins (detoxication);
  • Activation of processes of a metabolism;
  • Stimulation of immunity;
  • Improvement of microcirculation;
  • Lymphatic drainage, elimination of a cellulites and local fatty adjournment;
  • Treatment of skin diseases;
  • Correction of weight, stimulation of hidropoiesis, remineralization;
  • Removal of muscular weariness, painful syndromes of the musculoskeletal system;
  • Cleaning, humidifying, a feed a skin.

Armchair for cosmetic procedures
In this armchair procedure turn from necessary into pleasant

We offer massage: classical, east, honey, anti-cellulitis
Massage - is a deposit for beauty and health

The SPA capsule gives therapeutic effects of complex influence
SPA the capsule is specially designed for carrying out of procedures on a body

Eastern Beauty Shop "Dun Fan" will present to you beauty, health and energy

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