Hotel, inn, cafe-bar, pizzeria, beauty shop, Poltava
Hotel, inn, cafe-bar, pizzeria, beauty shop, Poltava

Hotel complex "Almaz" provides comprehensive service for comfortable residing

Hotel complex "Almaz" provides comprehensive service for comfortable residing

Mission of the hotel complex "Almaz"

The hotel complex and one-star hotel "Almaz" provides comprehensive service on residing at hotel rooms, services of cafe-bar, pizzeria, beauty shop, sauna, conference room for 35 sits and a parking for automobiles. Our services will meet needs and requirements of a wide audience from abroad and from Ukraina as well.

It is our mission:

«To produce and provide easily accessible and available service and products with reasonable and competitive pricing. To provide products and services that adequately address needs, have high quality (appropriate value for money and time invested)».

We believe the best way to achieve this goal are:
  • Reliability. We strive to provide what we promised, dependably and accurately.
  • Assurance. Our employees have the knowledge, courtesy and ability to convey test and confidence.
  • Infrastructure. We have possibilities to provide top quality service and products and appropriate terms of delivering.

The clients come to us expecting remarkable service, and that they will obtain high quality products for their money. We accept this tee and we cooperate with the client openly. We see our mission in being the helper of the client.

Vasiliy Kojan – owner of the hotel

Hotel “Almaz” strives to go ahead providing top quality service

Concerns of the client first of all

Continuous changing of the marketing environment, appearance of the new private hotels, change of demand and supply, oscillation of the prices, the competitiveness between the hotels are not full list of those moments, on which one we should stress our attention in daily operation. However we always remember, that concerns of the clients - first of all so we have their best interests in heart. We always are willing to assist in satisfying their needs. The clients want the best goods or service for their money and time. We see in it an indisputable truth; therefore we cooperate with the client openly. We consider their problems as own problems.

We actively strive to be aware in domestic and world process of hotel service development.
We strive to march in step with time so we offer for the client the hotel rooms furnished by the advanced furniture, equipped by the convenient sanitary equipment, repaired with use of the best materials and accessories. Therefore we constantly watch and study tendencies in hotel sphere; we investigate styles in interior design and furniture. Our client, having come to us, settles not only in modern, convenient hotel rooms, but also receives top quality service.

Odnojko Natalia - director of hotel "Almaz"

We aspire to surround our visitor by home comfort and care

We help for client

When we tell customers, that we will do something, we do it. We promise what we can deliver. We consider our word as our bond. Our products and service have reasonable and competitive pricing and adequately address needs. We strive to realize situation when customer coming to our hotel could feel themselves welcome, be understood, comfortable, appreciated, important and respected. We are happy to help for our client. At the beginning of communication with the client we ask many questions, which one help open of their needs and demands, and then we undertake vigorous actions in order to satisfy them.

We remember always, that problems of the client - are our problems. We constantly keep up for cleanliness in rooms, corridors and hotel. We carry out service so that to not create discomfort for the clients. Cleanliness is not unique our care. Maintenance of furniture, elements of interior, technical equipment and accessories in rooms is necessary to surround our visitor with home comfort and care. Therefore our clients always stay in our hotel as long as it is possible because we view on them as on the VIP.

Oksana Ivanovna - the worker of hotel

The entrance to the Hotel Almaz, Poltava
Guests of the hotel Almaz in Poltava  during the summer can enjoy the beauty of flowers and inhale their aroma
Reception in Poltava hotel Almaz
Interior of luxurious rooms at the Hotel Almaz
Luxurious room
Hall of cafe-bar Beer House  in Poltava
The hotel  Almaz has comfortable luxurious rooms
Man-made stream in the garden at Hotel Almaz in Poltava will give coolness and freshness
Meeting hall in the hotel Almaz
Meeting room in Poltava on 35 seats
The hotel has a lot of flowers which are acceptable for the eye of guests
In hotel rooms there are a lot of reproductions of famous artists
The cafe-bar in the city of Poltava
In the cafe-bar Beer House we will offer you the freshest beer which is brewed in own brewery
Pizza, soup, pudding will be cooked for you in this wood-burning stove
Live beer brewed by the masters of private brewery, is to your pleasure
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