Hotel, inn, cafe-bar, pizzeria, beauty shop, Poltava
Hotel, inn, cafe-bar, pizzeria, beauty shop, Poltava

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The entrance to the Hotel Almaz, Poltava
Guests of the hotel Almaz in Poltava  during the summer can enjoy the beauty of flowers and inhale their aroma
Reception in Poltava hotel Almaz
Interior of luxurious rooms at the Hotel Almaz
Luxurious room
Hall of cafe-bar Beer House  in Poltava
The hotel  Almaz has comfortable luxurious rooms
Man-made stream in the garden at Hotel Almaz in Poltava will give coolness and freshness
Meeting hall in the hotel Almaz
Meeting room in Poltava on 35 seats
The hotel has a lot of flowers which are acceptable for the eye of guests
In hotel rooms there are a lot of reproductions of famous artists
The cafe-bar in the city of Poltava
In the cafe-bar Beer House we will offer you the freshest beer which is brewed in own brewery
Pizza, soup, pudding will be cooked for you in this wood-burning stove
Live beer brewed by the masters of private brewery, is to your pleasure
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